Combination bucket

Combination bucket

  • Teeth on side panels prevent bulky material from slippage
  • 2 powerful and protected cylinders
  • Heavy-duty cutting edges
  • Reinforced bucket bottom and clamshell
  • 8 models available

Dozing, grappling, leveling, digging, loading and dumping…  The combination bucket does it all. With heavy-duty cutting-edges and strong cylinders, this multi-purpose attachment is ready to take on a variety of tough tasks. Use it on demolition, construction, landscaping and municipal jobs.

This tool is designed to provide optimum digging force and the interlocking serrated grapple edges hold objects securely.

This attachment is also available for articulated loaders.

Two models of combination buckets including four attachments in one have now been added to the Bobcat range of telescopic attachments.