Hydraulic breaker

Hydraulic breaker

  • Ease of mounting
  • Breaker cradle for improved access in tight spaces
  • Special shield for hoses and fittings protection
  • Nitrogen chamber without periodic recharging
  • Upper and lower shock absorbers for reduced noise and vibration
  • 9 models available

The hydraulic breakers offer easy and minimal maintenance. The internal design has fewer moving parts and no tie rods. As a result, the breakers can be completely disassembled in less than 5 minutes without special tooling.

These attachments feature an energy chamber with diaphragm. This keeps the nitrogen pressure and breaker performance constant. No periodic recharging is required, meaning that the breaker is virtually maintenance free. The tool is operational as soon as mounted on the carrier.

Designed for trenching, concrete demolition and general excavation work, the hydraulic breakers feature a frame with a cylindrical design, providing improved access to jobs in confined areas. These tools are equipped with a special shield to protect hoses and fittings from being damaged when working close to the ground or in tight spots.
The innovative design provides increased efficiency, ensuring longer working time without risk of overheating.
The hydraulic breakers feature a protective device to reduce exposure of the tool shank and the front bushing to dust.
Easy access to wear parts has also been taken into account in the design.

The hydraulic breakers are all equipped with the ""Auto Power"". This automatic pressure regulator ensures that the tools operate at their nominal operating pressure on all carriers, ensuring maximum performance, regardless of flow variations and temperature changes. The Auto Power device also limits excessive pressure when starting-up. Therefore, the energy chamber diaphragm is protected for a long service life.

The hydraulic breakers are designed to deliver unmatched performance within a large flow range with high back pressure. The breakers can be mounted on all excavators and loaders within their weight category.

The upper and lower shock absorbers isolate the hydraulic breaker from the housing, reducing noise and vibration.