E16 Facelift Compact Excavator

E16, optimal performance in a compact package

  • Compactness – transportability (trailer) – light weight
  • Easy maintenance
  • Powerful – Stable – High Lifting Capacity
  • Second travel speed

The E16 is a mini excavator in the 1-2 T class.

Developed as a light weight machine that can be easily transported on a trailer towed by a small truck, van or even a passenger car, the E16 offers high performance in rental, landscaping, municipalities and utilities.

The cab is easy to access with all controls in a convenient position. In the cab version, the noise level has been reduced, providing a comfortable working environment.

All service points are easily accessible thanks to a large tailgate to enhance daily maintenance and reduce downtime.

The Kubota engine offers excellent power and cost effective fuel consumption.

The 6 mm tailgate is designed to provide a high degree of rigidity.

This model is equipped with auxiliary hydraulics providing a 30 l/min flow with 2-way control to get the best out of our attachments.

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New on the E16 Facelift

The E16 Facelift offers better standard equipment including ergonomic travel levers and pedals, easy to clean floormat with Bobcat logo and storage box under the seat.
The factory- installed optional equipment now includes some significant improvements like a suspension seat or a Bobcat Heavy Duty radio (for machines equipped wit a cab). 4 tie downs can be added to attach and tide the machine on a trailer (they are not meant to lift the machine).  The blade extensions can now be ordered with rubber pads to protect the tarmac when the blade is pushed on the ground. The left-hand blade extension can be reverted with the right-hand blade extensions to position the rubber pads on the top when not needed. Auxiliary lines and their quick connectors can now be located on the arm. The long dipper stick option allows to increase the digging depth and the dumping height. The standard rubber tracks can be replaced with optional steel tracks.

Digging force, lifting capacity and smooth operation

The E16 offers  top performance with powerful breakout forces and smooth hydraulics for precise movements. These features are especially advantageous when working in tight spaces. These features combined with fast cycle times allow the E16 to achieve levels of productivity similar to those of larger excavators.

Breakout forces
The use of oversized cylinders in the workgroup and a top class hydraulic design means that the E16 achieves superior digging forces.

Lifting capacity
The E16 is able to hold more than 350 kg, which is very useful when unloading materials on the construction site.

Smooth operation
Forces are of limited use if they cannot be controlled. This is why special attention was given to hydraulic smoothness and accuracy when designing this excavator. Thanks to this smoothness, working in confined areas is easier and the operator can be more relaxed.


Stability is essential to make good use of the digging forces and lifting capacities. Optimum stability is achieved by expanding fully the retractable undercarriage and using the long dozer blade.

Retractable undercarriage and dozer blade
When fully retracted, the undercarriage allows the excavator to go through narrow spaces while, when fully expanded, it provides optimum stability for the excavator, especially over the side. Expansion and retraction is simple and easy, via an electric switch on the control panel.

Long dozer blade
In addition to help to dustpan on the front, the long dozer blade improves significantly the stability at the front of the excavator, allowing the operator to make full use of the breakout forces that the machine can deliver.

Durability & Reliability

The durability and reliability of a machine have an important influence on its overall lifetime operating cost. Bobcat uses computer-aided design techniques, highly durable materials and structures which are tested under extreme conditions.

Steel tailgate
The protective tailgate, which also acts as a counterweight, is made of 6 mm thick steel for the E16. It covers the entire rear of the excavator. Since it is made of hardened steel, the durability is excellent. Fully open, the tailgate provides ready access to all the components for daily maintenance.

Cylinder over the boom (COB) design
Located over the boom, the cylinder is protected against contact from attachments or stones inside the bucket. This increases the reliability, especially important in small excavators where the boom and attachments are close to each other.

Oversized cylinder diameters
The oversized cylinder diameters not only increase the forces in the workgroup, but also improve cylinder resistance and extend significantly cylinder life.

Pipes inside the boom
All the pipes and hoses, including the auxiliary lines, are routed inside the boom and arm. This not only protects the hydraulic lines, but also offers improved visibility for the operator.

4-plate boom design with internal welding
The design of the end of the boom castings allows for easy replacement of the hoses, if required.
The use of a 4-plate boom design allows internal welding for improved strength of the boom and increased reliability of the workgroup.

Unparalleled operator comfort

The oversized cab provides more space and comfort for the operator, allowing work for longer periods of time with less fatigue. Access to the seat is convenient thanks to the large door width and the console that rises completely out of the way. In addition, when not in use, foldable pedals increase room for the feet.
Travel pedals are standard. The second speed is a standard on the E16.

Service access

Thanks to the large steel tailgate mentioned previously, all components for daily maintenance are easy to access, reducing downtime to a minimum.


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